As to countermeasures against new coronavirus infection spread

Considering the possibility of the spread of the new coronavirus in Japan and overseas, Opto System Co., Ltd. efforts to prevent internal and external infection damage. From the view of ensuring the safety of our employees who work at the bases (Tokyo Sales Office, North Kyoto Factory, Tohoku Factory, Tokamachi Factory), we have the highest priority to the safety of our employees and the following new countermeasures will be implemented from February 25(Tuesday) in addition to the those which have been implemented earlier.

[New countermeasures from February 25 (Tue)]
1.About correspondence to visitors
1)Visitors will be asked to wear masks and manually disinfect the entrance.
2)Visitors will be asked about fever / travel / stay history in China (within 2 weeks).

2.As to Seminar / Business trip / Banquet
1)For the meeting with customers, partner companies, etc., travelers from China should participate in web conferences in principle.
2)Restraint from participating in meetings / seminars outside the company
3)Self-restraint of unnecessary or urgent business trips (both domestic and overseas)
4)In principle, business trips to China (including Hong Kong and Macau) and accepting business travelers from China are postponed.
5)If employees or their family return from China after January 16 (Thurs) 2020, the employees are required to work for 14 days at home.
6)Self-control of banquets in public and private sectors

[Earlier Countermeasures]
1)Wear a mask when going out
2)Hand washing and gargle are strongly recommended and alcohol is installed at the entrance and several places in the company.
3)Kleberin is installed in the office and in enclosed spaces (elevators, etc.) and an air purifier is installed in the office
4)If there is an infected person or a close contact person nearby, report it to the company.

We will continue to implement necessary measures based on the government’s action plan and response policy according to the stage of outbreak with the highest priority on the prevention of internal and external infections and the safety of our employees.
We highly appreciate your continued understanding.

* The information provided here is as of the date of the announcement. Please understand that it may differ from the latest information.

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