Message From President
All the employees do their best to become the company with the significance of being that is only chosen by a customer
Since establishment in 1980, Opto System has been developing and manufacturing the inspection and manufacturing machines used for production and development of optical semi-conductor related products. To reflect our business contents, we named our company Opto System Co., Ltd.

Even in the peak of the bubble period of Japan, we simply concentrated on manufacturing and development, which led us to the current position in this business field.

Entered into the 21st century, the system of the world economy and industry including Japan is changing dramatically with IT revolution.

We consider that we must not fail to catch the wave and I am always requesting the staff of our company “to revolve your mind and brush up yourself” and “to be the valuable existence that is worth being selected by the customers”. We keep on going forward in this direction.

Though the size itself of our company is small, we are taking all the advantages and the strong points of the small size, supplying the customized products which meet the various and specific needs of each different customer.

We are and will always be making every effort to achieve the customer satisfaction.