June,1976 Started business in Hoya city Tokyo .
November,1980 It makes to the corporation by the capital JPY6 million, the Tokyo Office is established in Ota-Ku, and sales of the equipment are added on business.
April,1982 The Osaka Office is established in Yodogawa-Ku Osaka City as a office and factory for its own design and manufacturing.
May,1984 Fumio Otake assumes the position of the President & CEO by the election of officers.
November,1987 Headquarters is moved from Nerima-Ku Tokyo to Hoya City Tokyo.
June,1989 Osaka office is moved to Fushimi-Ku Kyoto City for the production factory expansion and it is changed the title as the Kansai Office.
November,1991 Kansai office is moved from Kyoto City to the Nara City .
January 1996 Taiwan Office established.
April,1997 Tohoku Office established in Yamagata .
November,1999 Tohoku office is made to become independent, and F-tech Opto is established.
April,2000 Korea Office established.
August,2000 Headquarters is moved from Tokyo to Kyotanabe city Kyoto . Tokyo headquarters changed the title as the Tokyo Office.
November,2000 Merged I-Tech Opto as a group company.
December,2001 China Office established.
May,2002 North America Office established in Canada .
November,2002 F-Tech Opto is amalgamated, and the capital is assumed to be 83.5 million.
Opto Engineering established in Kyotanabe City Kyoto.
October,2003 North America Office is moved from Canada to SF, and it is changed the title as the America Office.
November,2004 I-Tech Opto is amalgamated , and it makes it to the Kita-Kyoto office.
April,2005 thinkx, Inc. is merged and it is considered as the Niigata place of business.
June,2006 Thinkx is amalgamated, and it makes it to the Niigata Office.
November,2006 America Office is moved from SF to NC.
January,2008 Headquarters Factory established.
July,2013 Acquisition of ISO9001 Certification