Personal Data Protection Policy

Basic Policy
OPTO SYSTEM CO., LTD.(“OPTO”) recognizes the importance of protection of Personal Data, and takes care of Personal Data importantly.
Personal Data is esteemed just like the person assuming that the person’s originality and sense of values are formed, and moreover, information kept from the customer manages correct and safely, builds up certain mutual trust, and comes.

Adheres to Protection of Personal Data
OPTO is acts to persist in a basic policy concerning protection of Personal Data as follows.
•OPTO has established management systems relating to personal data protection and ensures that all corporate officers and employees recognize the importance of the Program.
•The person in charge of the protection of Personal Data management is elected, the responsibility and the authority concerning execution and the application of protection of Personal Data are given, the education and training etc. are executed, and strict management of individual information is done.
•The cooperation for protection of Personal Data is requested to the customer and parties concerned.
•This policy can be seen at any time on our homepage.

About Privacy Policy

Intended Use of Personal Data 
OPTO utilizes personal data within the scope of the intended use clearly informed to customers.
• Provision of product support or maintenance.
•Responses to inquiries
• Provision of membership services

Provision of Personal Data
OPTO does not disclose customers’ personal data to third parties except in the following cases.
•When complying with laws and regulations.
• When disclosure is necessary for the protection of human life, human hearth or property and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer.
•When OPTO consigns the handling of personal data to a third party within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
•When another entity succeeds to the business of Toshiba due to a merger, corporate separation, transfer of business or otherwise.

Other Matters
• This Personal Data Protection Policy applies to personal data held by OPTO CO., LTD. in Japan . The policy does not apply to overseas subsidiaries.
•Please note that services provided by OPTO may not be available if the customer does not provide personal data.
•OPTO uses cookies and web beacons to provide better services on our websites.
• OPTO disclaim any responsibility for the security of customers’ personal data used on third parties’ websites that are linked to OPTO websites.
•From time to time OPTO may revise the Personal Data Protection Policy to better protect customers’ personal data or to comply with changes in the applicable laws and regulations.