Laser Diode Bar Handler【 VTSB3000 】Bar Placer
This machine measures the cavity size of the laser diode bars and align / place them to a dicing frame sheet for the supply to the 2nd cleave scriber.
①The array position and the pitch can be assigned within the limited range.

①Target Work
LD Bar

Cavity 200 um ~ 2000 um
Length 7 mm ~ 35 mm
Thickness 80 um ~ 120 um

②Placement Accuracy
Based on the electrode center position

X axis ±0.005 mm
Y axis ±0.1 mm
θaxis ±0.2 °

③Tact Time
Cavity Size Measurement : On 15~20 sec / 1laser diode bar
Cavity Size Measurement : Off Within 10 sec / 1 laser diode bar

④Electrostatic Discharge Solutions
Grounding wires are implemented for each electrostatic charge area.
Fan type ionizer blows the electrostatic discharge wind towards the work process route.
Anti-electrostatic type is used for the plastic covers.