Laser Diode Bar Tester【 VMFB3000 】 high power
This machine automatically transfers the laser bar that is stored in the gel pack tray, puts it on the temperature controlled table and measures it.
After measuring, the laser bar is transferred back to the same gel pack tray.
The measurement data is stored to the HD of the measurement PC.
For the future modification, the space for the visual inspection ( 3 facets ) and the sorting function by OK/NG is originally prepared.
①Target LD Bar

Bear Type 10 mm x 1 ~ 2.5 mm x 0.13 mm
Bottom Submount Type 11 mm x 1 ~ 3 mm x 0.43 mm
Top and Bottom Submount Type 10 mm x 1 ~ 2.5 mm x 0.58 mm
In principle, no bent on the laser diode bars

②Target Gel Pack Specification
2 inch
Limited to 1 type only