Laser Diode Chip Tester【 VMS2000 】(1 Stage)
This is a semi – auto chip measuring machine.
Transfer the laser diode chip which is expanded on a supply ring to the measurement stage to measure the item of IL / IR.
After that, the machine stores the tested bar onto an array ring.
①Target Work Size

W 0.25 mm ~ 0.3 mm
L 0.25 mm ~ 0.6 mm
t 0.08 mm ~ 0.15 mm
Depending on the work specification, some work size above could not be met.

②Tact Time
2.1 sec / P ( at 200 points measurement )

③Array Table

Ring φ120 mm x 20 mm
Sheet 80 mm
Array Number 2 sheets
Array Area 50 mm

④Array Area
1 ring (sheet) for 1 rank ( max 2 bins )

⑤Array Setting
Good 1 Rank ( NG chip is to NG Pocket )
Good 2 Rank ( NG chip is to NG Pocket )
To array all chips
(Array all the measured chips again in sequence.)

⑥Safety Solutions
The emergency stop push button switches are installed.
The protection covers are assembled to prevent from pinching hands or fingers.
The auto operation can not be done while the cover is opened.
If the cover is opened during the auto operation, the machine will have one cycle stop.
The equipments above the machine (CRT etc.) are tightly fixed in order to avoid falling down at the earthquake.