Chip Tester【 VMS3000 】 (3 stages)
This is a semi – auto chip measuring machine.
Transfer the laser diode chip on a ring that is set on the supply table to the measurement stage.
After that, measure the electric characteristic etc. by tester, capture the rank and then put it to the array table.
①Target Work
LD Chip

W 0.2 mm ~ 0.4 mm
L 0.2 mm ~ 1 mm
t 0.1 mm

This machine basically has a capability of handling the work size above.
But for the acceptance test, it shall be done with the limited specified materials.
Considering the work type and size, the transfer collet and the pusher unit need to be changed.
Depending on the work specification, the work size above could not be met.

②Tact Time

Measuring tact time 2.1 sec / P (at 200 points measurement )
Transferring tact time Less than 8 sec / 1 chip

③Supply Table
For the supply ring, one type below is used for this machine.

Ring Size GR – 4
ID φ 140 mm
OD φ 152 mm
t 6 mm
Pickup Area φ 100 mm
Ring Amount 1 pc

④Array Table

Ring Size GR – 4
ID φ 140 mm
OD φ 152 mm
t 6 mm
Array Area 60 mm
Ring Amount 6 pcs

⑤Array Accuracy

X, Y direction Within ±30 um
θdirection Within ±5 degree