LD Chip Tester【WMVS2000】3 stages
This is a semi – auto chip measuring & sorting machine.
Pickup the expanded laser diode chip from a sheet and measure the electric and optical aracteristic.
Based on the measuring results, array the laser diode chip to the assigned tray automatically.
For the light reception of the luminance, there is the goniophotometer function by installing the PD at 3 locations in order to receive the lighting simultaneously.
①Target Work
LD Chip

Size 0.3 mm ~ 2 mm
( Able to handle 4 mm □ chip for the future )
Corresponding emitter type Top side emitter / Bottom side emitter
Corresponding electrode type 2 top electrodes / Top and bottom electrode

②Tact Time
Within 2 sec / 1 chip ( excluding the measurement duration )

③Supply Style
Double Ring

Necessary expand amount 80 um ~ 150 um between chips
Supply Area φ 100 mm
Ring Amount 1 pc

④Array Style
Opto original pallet and the tray for 8 bins

Bin Number 3 bins in 1 pallet / max 24 bins
Pallet Amount 8 pcs

⑤Array Accuracy

X, Y direction ±30 um
θdirection ±5 degree