Laser Diode【 LDH – 50TS 】
This machine automatically cleaves the scribed LD wafer or the laser diode bars on a ring. that is set on the work table by an operator.
①Target Work

Wafer Size Within 3 inch
Chip Size More than 0.2 mm

②Target Wafer Ring
Flat Ring

ID φ165 mm
OD φ195 mm
Thickness 1 mm

③Safety Solutions
Entire surface of the machine is shielded by the covers.
When the front cover is opened, the break blade can not be moved.
If the front cover is opened during the auto operation, the machine will have 1 cycle stop.
When the break blade is at the down position, the work table and the support blade can not be moved.

④Earthquake Measure
The monitor TV etc. is fixed with a band or a metal fitting.