3 Facets Visual Inspection Machine【 VVS2000 】
This is a semi – auto visual inspection machine.
Perform the visual inspection on the top side / the emitting side (front and rear) of the laser diode chips which are placed in a supply ring.
NG chips are automatically removed during the auto operation.
① Corresponding to multiple chip sizes
② Elimination of the extra search process time
③ Inspection for the chips, arrayed at the forward process
④ Stability for the NG chip remove check
⑤ Realization of simple chip counter
①Target Work
Expanded Laser Diode Chips

W 200 um ~ 280 um
L 300 um ~ 1500 um
t 100 um ± 20 um / 110 um ± 20 um

②Inspection Area
 75 mm x 95 mm