3 Facets Visual Inspection Machine【 VVSP4000 】
This is a semi – auto visual inspection machine.
Perform the visual inspection on the top side / the emitting side (front and rear) of the laser diode bars which are supplied in a pocket tray.
Put a scratch mark on a NG chip and bring it back to the same pocket tray.
① Visual inspection on a laser diode bar is executed towards each chip and mark the NG chip by scratching it.
② Cavity corresponding width of the inspection table is 3 steps way and the table change is not necessary for the specified cavity size below.
③ By changing the transfer collet, this machine can handle the chip type material as well. The tact time will be longer, compared to the bar type.
①Target Work
LD Bar

Cavity 250 um ~ 2000 um
Width 300 um ~ 800 um
Thickness 80 um ~ 200 um
Bar Length 5 mm ~ 15 mm
3 types of the inspection table will be initially prepared.
If the requested work size is except for above, other corresponding tables shall be purchased.

LD Chip
Diced chip of the specification above is the target one.

②Tact Time

Pickup From tray and Put it back to tray Within 2 minutes / 1 laser diode bar
* If the scratch demand occurs over the inspection tact time, the tact time will be longer.