Chip Visual Inspection【VVF4000】
This machine inspects each chip visually by the advanced vision system in terms of pattern defects, chippings stains, cracks,etc.
Both wafers and chips can be inspected . Depending on the purpose and device,
vision system can be selected between standard CCD camera and special line sensor camera.
①Full Automatic and Semi Automatic model are prepared.

②A variety of devices is inspected such as LED , LD,VCSEL,PD,LCD,Themister,and Silicone etc.

③Vibration-proof structure is used for the steady inspection.

④Multiple image processors can be accomodated to realize high speed inspection.

①Inspection area ; Max. 8 inches


②Auto Focus Unit

③High pixel color CCD camera

④NG Marking Unit

⑤NG Chip Removal Function

⑥Automatic Lighting Adjustment


⑧Barcode Reader