All the employees do their best to become the company with the significance of being that is only chosen by a customer

Since establishment in 1980, Opto System has been developing and manufacturing the inspection and manufacturing machines used for production and development of optical semi-conductor related products. To reflect our business contents, we named our company Opto System Co., Ltd.Even in the peak of the bubble period of Japan, we simply concentrated on manufacturing and development, which led us to the current position in this business field.

Entered into the 21st century, the system of the world economy and industry including Japan is changing dramatically with IT revolution.

We consider that we must not fail to catch the wave and I am always requesting the staff of our company “to revolve your mind and brush up yourself” and “to be the valuable existence that is worth being selected by the customers”. We keep on going forward in this direction.

Though the size itself of our company is small, we are taking all the advantages and the strong points of the small size, supplying the customized products which meet the various and specific needs of each different customer.

We are and will always be making every effort to achieve the customer satisfaction.

Company Profile
Name Opto System Co., Ltd.
location main office 〒610-0313 100 Miyamakinogami, Kyotanabe City, Kyoto Prefecture
TEL +81-774-68-4441 FAX +81-774-68-4444
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Established April 10, 2015
capital 30,000,000 yen
board member Representative Director Masanori Otake
Senior Managing Director Toru Yamazaki
board director Fumiaki Yoshioka
Auditor Shigeyuki Kawamoto
Auditor     Hiroto Shikata
number of employees 130 people
Bank Shiga Bank Uji Branch
Shiga Prefecture Credit Union Head Office
Kansai Mirai Bank Main Branch
The Senshu Ikeda Bank Hirakata Kita Branch
Shiga Chuo Shinkin Bank Ritto Branch
Business contents Design, manufacture, sales, and engineering support for inspection equipment and processing machines related to the development and mass production of optical semiconductors such as light-emitting diodes and laser diodes, and compound semiconductors.
Main product ・Prober ・Measurement and classification device ・Visual inspection device ・Sorter ・Scriber device ・Breaking device
・Finished product inspection device ・Bar alignment device ・Bar pasting device ・Cleavage device
June 1976 Started business in Hoya City, Tokyo, and started before service business
November 1980 It makes to the corporation by the capital JPY6 million, the Tokyo Office is established in Ota-Ku, and sales of the equipment are added on business.
April 1982 The Osaka Office is established in Yodogawa-Ku Osaka City as a office and factory for its own design and manufacturing.
May 1984 Fumio Otake assumes the position of the President & CEO by the election of officers.
November 1987 Headquarters is moved from Nerima-Ku Tokyo to Hoya City Tokyo.
June 1989 Osaka office is moved to Fushimi-Ku Kyoto City for the production factory expansion and it is changed the title as the Kansai Office.
November 1991 Kansai office is moved from Kyoto City to the Nara City .
January 1996 Taiwan Office established
April 1997 Tohoku Office established in Yamagata .
April 1997 Tohoku Office established in Yamagata .
November 1999 Tohoku office is made to become independent, and F-tech Opto is established.
April 2000 Korea Office established.
August 2000 Headquarters is moved from Tokyo to Kyotanabe city Kyoto . Tokyo headquarters changed the title as the Tokyo Office.
November 2000 Merged I-Tech Opto as a group company.
December 2001 China Office established.
May 2002 North America Office established in Canada .
November 2002 F-Tech Opto is amalgamated, and the capital is assumed to be 83.5 million.
Opto Engineering established in Kyotanabe City Kyoto.
October 2003 North America Office is moved from Canada to SF, and it is changed the title as the America Office.
November 2004 I-Tech Opto is amalgamated , and it makes it to the Kita-Kyoto office.
April 2005 thinkx, Inc. is merged and it is considered as the Niigata place of business.
June 2006 Thinkx is amalgamated, and it makes it to the Niigata Office.
November,2006 America Office is moved from SF to NC.
January,2008 Headquarters Factory established.
July,2013 Acquisition of ISO9001 Certification
April 2016 Transferred all offices to a new company through a company split.